10 reasons why being atheist sucks

Being an atheist is sucks. Whoever says that being an atheist is cool they must be a liar.

Why being an atheist is sucks?

I have the list, the 10 reasons why being an atheist is sucks. I can easily make it a 100 reasons, but then it will a very very long list. But, yes being an atheist is sucks.

So, waiting no more, this is the list in random order

1. Miss all the fun to go to churches, mosques, synagogues etc.
Yes, going to churches, mosques, synagogues etc are fun. Usually we go with the whole family. We can meet friends, neighbors, talks and let our kids plays with other kids. It’s like a picnic.

2. When they alone, afraid and sad, they have nowhere to go to.
For peole who believe in God, they simply take a prayer for help and comfort.

3. Miss all the fun in Christmas, Eid ul-fitr (idul fitr), and many other holly days.
Christmas is fun. They have Christmas tree, Santa Claus and plenty of gifts. The whole family come together, form grandfather grand children. It’s fun. So is other holly days for other religions, they all fun.

4. When they hope, to who they hope to?
If I say, I hope that everything is Ok, it’s actually a simple pray to God. I hope that God will make everything is Ok. Now, if you are an atheist, to who you hope to? Because you don’t believes in God.

5. When believers pray, atheist only do nothing and confuse.
A prayer make our heart and mind more relax and calm. In other way, a prayer is easy and cheap way to relax and calm us down and we can do it anywhere, in a bus, airplane, train, anywhere and anytime. Now, what an atheist do to calm them down? Massage or Yoga?

6. They logic and sciences can’t explain anything.
Atheist people are so proud for their logic and sciences. They deny the existence of God because their logic and sciences can’t understand nor prove it. But there are so many things that their logic and sciences can’t explain, like ESP and many paranormal activities.

7. They wedding ceremony simply sucks, no priest nothing.
What the beauty of weeding ceremony if there is no priest, imam or rabbi to bless the wed?

8. When you die, you die why everyone else go to heaven.
Atheist people believes that when they die, then they simply die and become nothing. There is no heaven for them. Isn’t that sucks. Believers believe that if they do good deeds then they will go to heaven, and they will continue their life in heaven.

9. You have no supernatural friends like angels.
Most believers believes that we all have invisible guardians or angels, that will look after us, specially when for young children. Some people believes that young children can see angels and play with them.

10. In United State’s law, atheist people can’t testify in court.
Why, because the court can’t trust people who do not believe in God. That totally sucks.

That the first 10 reasons I ca think of. They are so many more reasons why being atheist sucks. But I think 10 is more than enough.

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