A flower for Mumbay

We are shocked for what happened in Mumbay, India. Terrorist attack stormed the city, more than one hundred innocent people died and injured many others. This is just another terrorist brutal attack, proved that we all should join together to stop all kind of terrorist attacks.

The attacked happen in many places in the city almost at the same time, making the police scramble in confusions. The authority of India proclaim that this attack is well funded and well organized, and accused that some foreign country involved in the attack.

The terrorist able to held hostages in the Taj Mahal hotel, their last stand. Police and military surrounded the hotel where fires, gun shots and explosions heard many times inside the hotel.

After several days, the drama is over. Police and military of India able to end the attack, killed many terrorists, but the damages already done. More than one hundred innocent peoples died, injured many others. The trauma of the attack will be remembered years from now. Maybe will be remembered forever.

I hope the authority able to find whoever responsible to this terrorist attack and give them the punishment that they deserve.

I hope that they, us can survive this barbaric attack and someday we ca live together in harmony despite of our differences.

I hope that someday, we can grew up and realizes that our differences is not our weakness, instead it will make us stronger.

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