Atheist and the big bang theory

This is just a joke, but based on true story, proof that even atheist can be funny.

Atheist: Who or what create the universe?

Religious: God of course.

Atheist: Who or what created God?

Religious: Nothing created God, God is the beginning and the end.

Atheist: Don’t give me that crap.

Religious: If you don’t believe in God, and who or what created the universe?

Atheist: The big bang of course, we have bunch of theories about the big bang.

Religious: Yes, I also read the theory, now who or what initiated or created the big bang? I means if the bang is so big that even can create the universe, the bang should required a lot of energy. Where the energy came from when there is nothing to exist?

Atheist: No-one can answer it you silly twit. It is not a simple question because it begs a very, very difficult answer, of which no-one can in fact answer.

The last statement from the atheist is true, I copy paste it from the internet forum.

Well, I think I have the answer. It was God who created the universe with the process that our scientists named it the big bang.

Big bang itself, if one would think, it’s the proof of God existence. How come from a material (or what ever it was) that so small can become this very vast universe? Scientists even consider that the material, the origin of the universe is even smaller than a golf ball or even there was no material at all.

And this is what the athest thik abut the bing bang.

After the explosion and while the universe expanding, it magically created it own laws of physics where it being follows by the process.

And magically there are two asteroids collided and create our moon.

And magically earth bombarded by comets and asteroids that bring water and iron to earth (there are scientists that consider water is not originated from earth).

What if that nothing magically about the process, because God made it happen?

God is beyond this universe. God doesn’t need to follows the laws of physics or even time. God already exist before this universe com to exist and still exist after this universe come to an end.

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