I lost my faith and trust for humanity

I lost my faith and trust for humanity.

Seeing what happen in Palestine really makes me sad and angry. When women and childrens killed everyday by the real terrorist, the Israeli. What makes me become more angry because NOBODY DO ANYTHING to stop it. They just talks and talks, and condemns, and then makes resolutions, but that NOT STOPPING the real terrorist to kills and murders innocent peoples. The real terrorist will ignored the resolutions and NOBODY able the force it.

Can’t they sleep at night knowing that they actually have the power the stop this brutal terrorist act, but they do NOTHING?

How can those terrorist killed innocent babies? How can they live with that?

Now I know how the Palestinians feel, and why they willing to become suicide bombers.

When they loose hope and faith after they loose their land, their homes, their parents, their brothers and sisters, their friends. If they loose EVERYTHING than they will do ANYTHING.

I used to against the suicide bombers because in my opinion that is a useless act, but now I realize that is the only way that they know how to express their anger, their hatred. Now they know the only way to get even with the terrorist is to become like them, to become a terrorist itself. Because they know that NOBODY is helping them, NOBODY will help them to stop this massacre, they on their own.

God, please help the Palestinians, show them the better way.

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  1. sabrina says:

    ya saya juga sangat sedih dengan kejadian di gaza banyak innocent lives died as victims of politics and territorial fight.

    salam kenal ya, saya adalah blogger pemula dan sepertinya anda pengguna wordpress juga ya.

    kunjungi web saya ya kalau ada kesempatan

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