Why you did not pick up my call?

Somebody yelling at me, he is angry because I did not pick up his phone call to my mobile phone.

What the …?

Why he become angry because I did not pick up his call? Yes, I know that someone calling me, my phone is ringing correctly and I can see his name diplayed in my phone.

So? Did I HAVE to pickup his call?

This is my phone, I can do what ever I want with it. I can pick up the call IF I WANT TO, and I can reject the call IF I WANT TO. I can throw it into a toilet IF I WANT TO, or hit it with a sledge hammer IF I WANT TO. It’s MY PHONE!

I do not have any obligation to pick up every call to my phone. There is nothing in the phone operator agreement that I should pick up every call.

It’s up to me to pick up the call or not. Why they become so angry about?

If I called someone and they didn’t pick up the phone, I usually sent them a short text message why I want to call them. If they still do not return the call, it’s their phone and it’s their choice, I realize that. Maybe they are too busy to return the call or simply because my call it’s not important to them.

But some people just don’t understand.

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