Keep Virgin, Be Healthy

Laurier Cares launch a new commercial break for television in Indonesia, the topic is Keep Virgin, Be Healthy.

This is the best commercial break ever.

The commercial break show, a girl calling her boy friend, crying, say that her got pregnant, while holding a pregnancy test in her hand.

Rather than commercial break from Fiesta Condom, that suggest free sex is OK as long as you use protection. The Fiesta Condom commercial break is targeting for teenager because it show more frequently in MTV Indonesia (Global TV).

Laurier make a step further, just don’t do it.

The statistic for free sex in youth in Indonesia is shocking. That up to 30% of teenager in Indonesia is already doing free sex (

Laurier also make a road show to give teenager more education about this. This is one of report of the show from Bandung.

Keep Virgin, Be Healthy is a good campaign.

Keep the good works Laurier. If many company more responsible as you, this world is going to be a better world.

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