Watch out for brain-eating amoeba

This is not a science fiction.

This is not a fake, not a scam.

This is real. The Killer Amoeba attacks your brain from your nose, where it feeds until you die. Horrible.

Brain-eating amoeba already at least killed 6 people in the US. Three is Florida, two in Texas, and on in Arizona.

The symptom’s, nothing more than a headache, stiff neck and fevers, and hallucination’s.

The Amoeba, called Naegleria lives almost everywhere. They lives in lakes, hot springs, swimming pools etc.

Once infected, most people have little chance of survival. Some drugs have stopped the amoeba in lab experiments, but people who have been attacked rarely survive, Beach said.

“Usually, from initial exposure it’s fatal within two weeks,” he said.

But there is a way, on how to avoid this.

Beach cautioned that people shouldn’t panic about the dangers of the brain-eating bug. Cases are still extremely rare considering the number of people swimming in lakes. The easiest way to prevent infection, Beach said, is to use nose clips when swimming or diving in fresh water.

“You’d have to have water going way up in your nose to begin with” to be infected, he said.

Be safe, because Nothing is safe.

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