What if

Do you like to play computer games?

I do. One of my favorite game is Age of Empires, where I controls a group of people, move them along the computers screen and order them what to do with a click of a mouse.

Some of them will gather wood and some of them will hunt animals for food. Some of them will become knights and some of them will become archers. Some of them will build walls and some of them will repair docks.

What if that the people that I controls can think?

They will think that they become a lumberjack because it is their talent, they will think that they become archers because they get years of training. They don’t realize that they become what they are because I want them to do.

I help them to survive from stone age to imperial age, I even help them build wonderful wonders. I help them for every little achievements they made.

But if they can think, they will think that they made all the achievements on their own. They will think that they created wonderful wonders on their own, they are not realize that was me who made in happen.

What if that God playing the similar game right now and we become the people in the game. We are the food gatherer, we are the lumberjacks, we are the knights and we are the archers and we follows what God order us to do and not even realize it.

Like the people in the game, we are proudly proclaim that what we achieved and what we will achieves is ours only. There is no God that help us.

We will say “Where was God when we created our first air plane, where was God when we drop atomic bomb, where was God when our Neil Neil Amstrong walked in the moon and so on and so on”.

Like the people in the game, we are not realize that what ever we do is because God want us to do. We are following the mouse pointer of God like the people in the game following mine. God sometimes put us in automatic mode, where we do as we want.

What if what we becoming now because God want us to be? Because God order us to be? Just like in the game of Age of Empires.

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