One in a million, A Story about a Bangladeshi Taxi Driver

As a immigrant, a minority in the New York city does not change a taxi driver from Banglasdesh, Mohammad Mukal Asadujjaman to become an unhonest man.

In a city where money is everything, where people only think for them self, there are still a few honest man arround.

Some people even called them stupid just because they are honest people.

And one of the honest people is Mohammad Mukal Asadujjaman.

What did he do? That his story make a headline in many media news like in BBC and Foxnews.

What he did is actually a very simple thing, that maybe a very common thing to do in his origin country, but because he did it in New York city, suddenly it make a headline.

He only returned money that left over in the back seat of his taxi.

Something that is very common in Bangladesh, but a very rare thing in New York city.

As a medical student, and as a taxi driver, he is broke. If he did not return the money, he can have more time for study and less time in the street.

But no, he choose to return the money, and refused the thanks you reward.

What an honest man.

And he is a muslim.

What we need is good muslim like Mohammad Mukal Asadujjaman.

May Allah bless you, always.

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