The Next Oliver Stone movie, Ahmadinejad

Now, this is shocking.

Iranian President, Ahmadinejad gives approval for Oliver Stone to create bio picture about him.

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Reports suggested Ahmadinejad was unhappy with the idea of theĀ Platoon director turning his life into a film after his country’s film officials called Stone “part of the Great Satan.”

But on Tuesday, the Iranian leader explained he had no objection in principle if the Oscar-winner wanted to make a film about him.

Ahmadinejad told a news conference, “I have no objection, generally speaking, but they have to let me know what are the frameworks. They should talk to my colleagues.”

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Quizzed about Stone’s desire to make a documentary about his life, Mr Ahmadinejad said: “I have no objection, generally speaking.” Stone has a history of documentaries on American figures of hate. In 2003 he made a film on Fidel Castro which was praised on the left for debunking the myth of a Cuban monster and condemned by the right for soft soaping him.

That Mr Ahmadinejad should have no objections to being the next subject of a Stone documentary comes as a surprise, as the last word heard on the matter was a rejection. Last month the Iranian president’s media adviser said Mr Ahmadinejad was against the movie.

“It is right that this person [Stone] is considered part of the opposition in the US, but opposition in the US is a part of the great satan. We believe that the American cinema lacks culture and art,” he said.

While now US and Iran is not in that good relationship, that is a brave step for Oliver Stone.

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