They say that Muslims are bad people

When browsing the web, I run across many forums and websites that full of hatred towards Islam and Muslim.

This is one of the website that full hatred towards Muslims, They have more hatred in their heart than any other people that I know. Forget the Nazi’s, they look like kindergarten kids compare to this hateful people. (Warning, please be prepare when you about to enter that hateful website).

They say that Muslims are bad people, and Islam is not a good religion.

One of the example they gave is that terrorist attack in several places in Indonesia (including Bali) .

This is my logic.

Based on wikipedia that there are more than 222 million Muslims in Indonesia (1988).

Less than 100 or maybe less than 1000 Muslims in Indonesia going nuts and start blow things up.

And they start screaming that Muslims are bad people? And Islam is not a good religion?

What happen with the rest of the Muslim in Indonesia? They are still more than 222 millions Muslims in Indonesia that live their normal live just like any other people in any countries? They don’t blow things up?

Doesn’t that count?

If I can found more than thousands white racist in USA, with the same logic as they use, can I say that all white people in America are racist?

Knock, knock

Is there any brain in your head?

There are many, many Muslims are against terrorism. Here are some of the voices from Muslims that against terrorism.

Warning: Excessive thinking may damage your brain.

2 thoughts on “They say that Muslims are bad people

  1. The Mindset says:

    Stupid post.
    How many people did 9/11 – just 19.
    So don’t tell us that all Muslims are good , if they are not bombing it’s because they are not trained enough.

    And why would everyone will go and kill when a few can do the job?

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