Very sad, the Hubbard’s family loosing two sons in Iraq

Will war bring happiness?

Will war bring prosperity?

Not to this Hubbard’s family. They loose their son three years ago, now they loosing another one. Gladly the third son now going home and will not serve the military anymore. Make me remember the “Saving Private Ryan” movie

Nathan was among 14 killed on Wednesday when their Blackhawk helicopter crashed. It comes three years after Nathan’s brother, jared, was killed by a roadside bomb. Flags at city buildings across Clovis are flying at half-staff from now until sunset on the day of Nathan Hubbard’s burial.

The devastation the family of Nathan Hubbard is feeling is really unimagineable. Jeff and Peggy Hubbard are in seclusion; mourning now a second son, 21 year old Nathan Hubbard. Wednesday night, family members found out Nathan’s older brother, Jason, was on the same mission with his younger brother- when the helicopter Nathan was on went down.

Family spokesperson Tim Rolen says, “He was in another helicopter on the same mission. The men in that helicopter were required to be the rescue attempt on the downed helicopter. There’s that pain of knowing that a brother was so close to the death of his younger brother.”

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I will say that the Hubbard’s family serve their country more than enough.

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