Antasari, the great conspiracy?

Antasari, the man who lead the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to arrest many corruptors in Indonesia that no man was able to do that before, now being charge as murder and the motive is love triangle.

He being accused to killed a prominent businessman, Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, his own informant, because he have an affair with the Zulkarnaen’s third wife.

Something is not right.

It’s hard to imagine that Antasari, a man that barely able to smile, able to play around with a young woman.

I remember, in one Indonesian most popular talk show, Kick Andy, where Antasari is one of the guest, one woman step forward to ask him a very simple thing, the woman want to see Antasari smile, and then he smiled.

He and his team able to put many high profile people behind bars, from prominent businessman, member of legislatif parliament, government officials and even member of the president family.

He have many enemies that love to see him down.

There is a conspiracy theory about the case, where Antasari and Zulkarnaen are actually working on a big case where many high profiles people are involve. Where Zulkarnaen is providing many important documents to Antasari.

But, someone knew about it, and want to shut them down. So they killed Zulkarnaen and framed Antasari for it.

A perfect plan, that involved a high ranking police officer and a prominent businessman that also involved in politics.

I’m not sure if the conspircy theory is true, but it also very logical.

I’m affraid that if Antasari going to jail, there will be no other Antasari that with courageous fight the corruptors in Indonesia, because they will be afraid that they will end up like Antasari, framed.

And no one will be dare to report the corruption case because they will be afraid that they wil end up like Zulkarnaen.

I only have as few heroes left, and Antasari is one of them.

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